An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Do you really believe that? Then when’s the last time you reached out to your lawyer before you had a big legal problem?

I get why people are reluctant to reach out to lawyers until circumstances compel them to: lawyers tend to be expensive and inaccessible. For lawyers, everything revolves around the tyranny of the billable hour–their lives are broken down into six-minute increments. Every time they pick up the phone, whether you’re calling them or they’re calling you, the meter starts running. Drafting a letter? Start the clock. Reviewing a contract? How many tenths of an hour is that going to cost? Preparing for trial or in court? Sorry, your matter will have to wait.

Here’s the thing–it doesn’t need to be that way. That’s not how your life operates, so why do your questions or concerns have to fit into their model?

Here’s what I offer as an alternative. For a one-time setup fee and a fixed monthly rate, you get unlimited phone/email access to me. Have a question? Give me a call. Want me to review a contract? Send it to me before you sign it. Considering a land lease/purchase? Get a legal perspective before the fact, not afterwards when you may already be disadvantaged. In all these cases and others like them, you’re covered by the monthly subscription. (If there are concrete legal actions that need to be taken or documents that need to be drafted under the circumstances, these will be billed separately on a flat rate basis that we’ll agree on before the work begins.)

Initial Setup Fee: 

Option 1: $300. A virtual review of your business organization to assess the strength of your legal liability posture. Includes an in-depth onboarding checklist and a review of your company’s founding documents and practices.

Option 2: $600. A physical review of your farming operation, anywhere in Virginia. Includes the services provided in Option 1 plus an on-site visit to assess physical liability risks.

Option 3: $900. The most comprehensive team-centered approach. Includes the services provided in Options 1 and 2 plus interviews with your CPA, CFP, Insurance Agent, Lender, and/or any other members of your support team to provide a holistic view of your operation’s strengths and potential weaknesses.

Monthly Rate: $150 for all plans. The first month is included in the Initial Setup Fee. No long-term commitment required.